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    High Tech

    Address your fundamental problems, achieve process efficiency and improve productivity and collaboration across businesses with Idea International ’ High Tech Solutions.


    Get The Idea International Advantage

    We create value for your organization with the following:

    Complete services model: Our comprehensive service portfolio of IT solutions, business consulting, product engineering services, infrastructure services and business process services enable you to focus on core competencies, lower operational cost and drive global service standards.
    Partnerships and Global Alliances: We leverage  mutually exclusive capabilities that ensure successful ‘go-to-market’ initiatives, enhanced product performance and effective industry and segment-specific solutions.

    Focus on innovation: Dedicated Innovation labs, infrastructure support and the Idea International and Design Center provide access to leading-edge technologies, advanced systems engineering methodologies, storage optimization, and convergence and embedded printer solutions.

    Solutions we offer

    We provide optimal, customized and comprehensive solutions across varied industry segments:

    1. Computer Platforms and Services
    2. Software
    3. Electronics
    4. Semiconductors
    5. Professional Services


    Some of the domain-specific offerings for our high tech customers include the following:

    1. Software Product Engineering Solutions
    2. Storage Product Engineering
    3. Microsoft Business Intelligence Enablement Solution
    4. CDMI Conformance Assurance Solution
    5. Technology Offerings


    Client successes

    1. Idea International ’ complete product lifecycle solutions help the RISCO Group deploy their product ahead of schedule
    2. A US-based global professional services firm lowers costs by 30% and increases productivity by over 10%.
    3. Idea International helps Lexmark achieve real-time visibility into its financial data by implementing SAP HANA
    4. Idea International consolidates document production services for a large professional services firm
    5. Idea International helps a leading human capital management company achieve complete payroll taxation efficiency through process improvements
    6. Idea International supports a large professional services firm with measurable research and analysis
    7. Idea International transforms stakeholder experience through digitization for the Law Society of England and Wales
    8. Idea International helps a technology giant achieve unprecendented performance, securing maximum availability of online business services through a strategic partnership


    Client Thoughts

    “We are one team, always in sync with each other. Idea International is always ahead of the game for us. We don't have to go to them. They're always there ready to offer up what we—what they think we need next.”

    “Idea International is earnestly interested in making sure that Lexmark is successful for key endeavors”


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