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    Global manufacturers are trying to reduce operational expenditure, invest in process improvement, utilize existing capacity optimally and increase efficiencies, while maintaining product quality and meeting safety and regulatory norms. Idea International ’ Manufacturing Solutions provide you the bandwidth to innovate on business models, leveraging contemporary technology solutions.

    Analyst Speak

    Owens Corning goes mobile with Idea International - In this report, Ralph Rio, ARC View, highlights Idea International ’ contribution to Owens Corning in the implementation of mobility applications from concept design through commissioning.

    Idea International Helps Cummins Clean up its MES - This ARC VIEW report talks about how the combination of a modern Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and high-quality global support from Idea International has proven successful for Cummins.

    Idea International Brings Visibility to Supply Chain Cost Management - This IDC Manufacturing Insights Perspective looks at the role visibility can play in supply chain cost management and the specific capabilities that Idea International brings to the manufacturing industry.


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